Dear parents, “You are so brave!”

During a recent in-depth training on positive discipline in the business world, Dina, one of the facilitators and popes in her field, succeeded in making me aware of something that I would like to share with you, parents. , at the end of the school year.

So when you encourage someone, you create the space for them to take that step towards the best of themselves. That day, I felt encouraged, I had the pleasant feeling that someone noticed my efforts to learn something new, I was not even afraid to miss because I felt my caring facilitator.

Yes, parents, all this school year you have been giving your best and you deserve a pat on the shoulder before you go on vacation. In the last few months you have been “So brave” when….

you got up several times during the night because he had a fever or was not sleeping yet.

you were on time to pick it up when you left school

you organized this birthday party with twenty “good” children….

you have done all the driving for his extra-curricular activities

you are in the 19th year, all children combined, of your participation in their school fair! (The lucky holder of this world record will recognize herself!)

you didn’t feed him fries every day

you didn’t throw it out the window despite your tiredness when it pissed you off!

you helped him to fill in “coursup”….

you read, reread… corrected… (written? naaan)… .. his cover letters!

you followed my workshops !

When during the lunch break, I told Dina that I had appreciated her remark and that I found that we did not encourage each other enough in France, she was surprised. As if encouragement were for this American a form of good manners. Well let’s take the best of the other cultures around us! Let’s give ourselves that little pat on the shoulder if necessary to move forward.…